October New Features 2017

New Payment System – STRIPE

Stripe is a NEW payment option My Booking Manager is now offering to our clients Australia wide
to make it cheaper, faster and easier for you to get your monies directly into your bank account.
Plus, easier and faster for your customers to complete a payment with less data entry.

Comparing Stripe with PayPal

1) Stripe has a 1.75% Merchant Payment Processing fee (PayPal is 2.7%)

2) Stripe deposits payments directly into your Bank Account (with PayPal, this is a manual task)

3) Stripe seems drastically less onerous to deal with than PayPal’s security mad, highly complex
current day operations. Plus their management console is significantly simpler to understand.

STRIPE can be integrated into your existing My Booking Manager account for Free.
My Booking Manager’s team will assist you make this all happen smoothly.

PAYPAL does not need to be deactivated. That too will remain if you are using it.
For each individual booking form, you will have the CHOICE to offer booking customers:-

1) Stripe Gateway only

2) PayPal Gateway only

3) Stripe and PayPal Gateways together … for the customer to choose.

( https://stripe.com/au/pricing – click on CREATE ACCOUNT button )

Normally 3 Days later, the account is approved by Stripe, with relevant access codes provided to you.
24 Hours later, My Booking Manager’s team will have used these access codes to link Stripe into your
existing My Booking Manager account.

Same day, a test of your new Stripe facility can take place.

NB: like PayPal, My Booking Manager receives zero financial return from Stripe. We offer this as an alternative payment option purely to try and make your online booking system cheaper and easier to use.

With Stripe active, your Customers will see a single page within your My Booking Manager booking form allowing them to enter their payment card details. This is a significantly simpler payment page than PayPal uses and should result in less customers ‘bugging out’ during the final payment process.
Stripe Setup Information Page : Instructions – Setup Stripe Payment Gateway
My Booking Manager’s Value Add

Unlike My Booking Manager’s competitors, the money you receive from your customers booking into your activities is immediately directed to your bank account. My Booking Manager does not hold your money in trust in our account and release it to you in batches.
We understand that Cash Flow is critical for you to access your monies fast to commence bringing your
event / project together.
We value our clients and take more time and care to ensure due diligence at the beginning as we know
this will be a long lasting relationship with you.


1. PDF invoices
You might have noticed that we are now sending out PDF invoices as well as having PDF invoices available to you to access through your MY ACCOUNT Financial Summary page.

2. Invoice status
We are looking at streamlining payments and providing greater transparency.
From the financial summary page you will now be able to see a status column next to the invoices.
My Booking Manager are able to mark invoices as unpaid, paid or overdue to make it simpler for you to track.
By default they will be marked as unpaid and the status will be blank.
Once an invoice is marked overdue a banner will be displayed when you log in to remind you to pay and if there is a query about the invoice or related payment then please do get in contact with us.


If there is any feedback you would like to provide to us, in terms of new features you would like to see or things that confuse / annoy you, then please do get in touch through our dedicated email address. Feedback@MyBookingManager.com

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