Do Charities / Not-for-Profits pay full price?

No. When first activating your membership, we will confirm your NFP status and set your fee structure at a lower rate to further support your organisation. This discounted fee will remain in place for the duration of your membership ongoing. Reapplying regularly will not be necessary. We love supporting our not-for-profit community.

How do I pay MBM?

Most of our clients simply EFT transfer payments direct to MBM’s bank account, using the details we include on our invoices. In rare circumstances that a client is unable to achieve this, alternate methods can be negotiated (eg. Cheque payment).

How does MBM get their fees from me?

Our accounts department invoice of our clients on the last day of a calendar month, for any activity they have had during that month across all of your active booking forms. If there has been no activity, you will not receive an invoice.

Do you automatically deduct MBM’s fees from our bookings?

No. Because MBM has no access to your bank account, or the money flowing from your client to your bank account. We simply invoice you at the end of the month for activity you’ve had during that month.

What do I get charged if I have months where I don’t have events running?

Nothing at all. Many of our clients in fact have periods they simply don’t have events requiring our booking service. Because we do not charge fixed monthly fees, these clients do not receive an invoice from us.

We don’t have a website. Can we still use My Booking Manager?

YES. My Booking Manager is 100% independent. In fact, we have a number of clients that utilise our LANDING PAGE feature to bypass the need for a website just to promote their events.

What do you see as the primary reasons I should use your online booking system?

  1. Your customers will appreciate this professionally presented and immediate way to book – it’s what most people expect today.
  2. Save time and money – replace your manual system requiring staff to manually talk to customers and enter their details into a spreadsheet … allow your customers to enter their own details when convenient to them – even if that is 3am in the morning!
  3. Increase accuracy. People using online forms generally check their typing as they go, giving you more accurate data. Far better than trying to read hand written booking forms … particularly when you have to decipher email addresses!
  4. People want immediate. If a customer sees your marketing and is inspired to book, let them do it right then while inspired. Strong call-to-action messages (eg. Book Now!) get results. The moment someone says “I’ll fill in that form and post it back later” they’ve probably already forgotten 5 minutes later.
  5. Well planned booking forms ‘pre-survey’ customers about their attendence expectations

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