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My Booking Manager

Our team offers our customers, across Australia and beyond, hands on support to help you swiftly and stress free to generate your own booking / customer interaction forms. Cloud based, our platform is easy to access from anywhere worldwide and compatible with most major browers, computers and mobile devices.

Whether you are looking for a new Booking System; just getting use to the diverse features in My Booking Manager – or a long term customer needing some brainstorming / tech support, we encourage you to pick up the phone and talk to us. The most creative and quick means for us to help you.

We do also monitor our Support emails and endeavour to reply as quickly as possible.

+61 (0)8 8370 3737

SA / NT / WA time zone Direct : +61 (08) 8231 5433 (Bill or Katrina) or 0410 523 106 (Bill)

Sales: sales@mybookingmanager.com

Support: support@mybookingmanager.com

Account & General Enquiries: info@mybookingmanager.com

My Booking Manager is a product of:

Miquel Pty Ltd

ABN: 85 648 375 723

Quick Facts

My Booking Manager (MBM) is a versatile cloud based booking platform. Access your membership / booking forms from any internet connected device, wherever you are!

When you become a full MBM member, there are no annual membership renewal fees. So your account remains open always, even if you have a period of low / no activity.

No limit to the volume of booking forms you can have active at any one time.

My Booking Manager is based in Sydney, New South Wales with over 90% of our clients based in Australia.

We have sales, training and tech support teams in each of Australia’s Eastern, Central and Western time zones for fast assistance.

We offer on the spot telephone trouble shooting and creative brainstorming support to keep you moving fast and build your profitability.

We are proud to support community and not for profit organisations, these make up over 60% of our client base.

Our Mission Statement

We believe that belonging to a community is an important aspect of life and we want to support organisations that are building or maintaining their own community.

To provide to Australian communities and organisations a flexible and affordable booking platform.

To partner with Australian organisations and develop custom booking solutions that meet the changing needs of the organisation.

Our Values

We value your feedback and frequently incorporate our customer’s feedback into our platform. One customer’s suggestion often benefits everyone.

We are proud to support Australian communities and organisations.

We see you as our partners and not clients and emphasise on maintaining long term relationships.