What if your system cannot do something I need?

Tell us please!  My Booking Manager has grown and continuously improved over the years thanks to the feedback and requests from our diverse clientele. Most often, one client’s suggestion leads to an improvement being launched to ‘the cloud’ that ALL of clients benefit from.

Everyone says they’re better … what sets you apart?

CREATIVITY and DESIRE! The reality is that My Booking Manager has many features. But brainstorming how to use those features to revolutionise the success of your event and solve problems you’ve experienced in the past is our key. We like to be briefed by our clients on the event management problems and let us brainstorm ways with you to improve your next event. This is where our passion lays .. and why we have many client that have stuck with us for many years. They view us as partners – not just a supplier.

Do you offer planning advice?

YES!! – In fact we relish helping! Many of our customers, particularly in their early membership days, appreciate drawing on our years of experience working with a huge variety of clients, to creatively brainstorm ways to use our booking portal to:-

• streamline their events

• save them time

• improve their customers’ experience

• increase cashflow

• develop an ever increasing customer base

We’re here to help you succeed. It’s what drives us forward.

My current provider only offers online support with slow response rates. Does MBM offer emergency telephone support when I need it?

YES!! – In fact we prefer a telephone call! It is so often faster (for you and us) to simply hear about your issue over a phone call, allowing us to ask any clarification questions and then offer you an immediate response / solution. So often, our customers’ “problems” can be overcome in only a couple of minutes, rather than a never ending set of back’n’forth emails spanning days. Please phone us!