If a customer phones me with a question, is it easy for me to find their booking info while on the phone?

YES – you can simply key word search your booking form using their name and open a copy of their booking confirmation on-screen to quickly see all information about their booking.

How hard is it to see who’s booked into my events?

There are multiple easy ways to track bookings.

  1. You can choose to have a ‘blind copy’ of the confirmation email sent back to your customer, copied to you at time of booking.
  2. When logged-in, you can see a quick reference on-screen report showing the names of the people booked and basic details.
  3. You can download a CSV file which can be opened in Excel/Access to view and sort ALL data relating to your booking form. This CSV updates continuously every time a new customer books. Download it as often as you need.
  4. You can run various custom Reports to view all manner of criteria about your booking form. Example : “How many people buying Additional Items … such as the optional social dinner / speakers notes etc.”