My Booking Manager offers both Pay-As-You-Go pricing options or Fixed Monthly Packages.

“Pay As You Go” Packages

The Pay-As-You-Go packages are designed to meet your specific registration and payment requirements:

“Business Elite” Package

The Business Elite package takes your event management one step further by offering a number of advanced features including online bank merchant account payments and a post event follow up feedback questionnaire. When your event is still upper most in your attendees mind, this provides an excellent opportunity to gather valuable feedback, not only about the event which is invaluable for future planning, but a great way to gain strategic market feedback about your products or services.

Business Elite Admin setup fee of $275 +gst

The admin fee includes personalised training, consultation and assisting in setting up your first online booking project.

What the training cover:

In depth walk-through of the platform and the various options available

Tailored solutions based on business needs such as:

Increase in bookings
Customer retention

Includes support for online merchant integration.

Enquire about special not for profit rates available through  

*Normal bank transaction fees apply for PayPal and Bank Credit Card Payments. For more information on credit card bank fees please click here.

Monthly Plans

Choose a monthly plan and save up to 40% on the Business Elite with the benefit of just one set amount per month.

Each plan is based on a 12 month Agreement period.

$0 setup fee applies.

All prices include GST


    • $180per month
    • Up to 1,000 registrations a year


    • $1,000per month
    • Up to 7,000 registrations a year


    • $1,500per month
    • Up to 10,000 registrations a year


My Booking Manager Monthly Plan Conditions:

  1. This plan is based on a 12 month agreement, allowing you to evenly spread the cost across the whole year, even if your events peak at one or several times throughout the year.
  2. Excess registration usage beyond the annual limit are charged in the month excess usage occurs at the casual rate of $2.95 (+gst) per registration.
  3. Termination of Plan: Early termination costs are calculated based on the total of the remaining monthly fees plus excess registrations x casual rate; or the total registrations used x casual rate, whichever is the lesser. One months written notice is required. No pro-rata refunds apply.
  4. Change to a Lower Plan: You can change down to a lower monthly plan rate without penalty if the total registrations used are less than new lower plan limit. No pro-rata refunds apply.
  5. Change to a Higher Plan: To change to a higher plan you can either a) Terminate the old plan (see conditions above) & start a new 12 month plan; or, b) continue the agreement period by back paying the difference between the old monthly rate and new rate x number of months into plan; or c) continue the agreement period by carrying forward into the new plan the number of registrations used plus the equivalent number of registrations based on the difference in value paid to date in the old plan paid compared to the value of new plan’s monthly costs.)