Does MBM work with Not-for-Profits / Charities also?

Yes indeed! In fact, over 50% of our clientele draw from these sectors as the word spread about our ability to support them and help them grow. We enjoy helping our NFP’s to build much needed success, cash flow and surpluses from their activities. We offer a discounted fee structure to further support our NFP clients.

When I join, how long does my membership remain active?

Forever. MBM’s initial membership / joining fee is for life. Once a member, always a member.

Is there a joining fee?

Yes, a once only $275+GST fixed joining fee if you choose to become a full ‘Business Elite’ member, giving you access to all MBM features, plus ongoing support from our team. Training is included to get you moving quickly; and includes integration of some standard Payment Gateways (eg. Stripe / PayPal)

My events are GST free but the Attendee’s Tax Invoice says includes GST

Normally the Tax Invoice sent to Attendees states that gst is included.However if all your projects in your account are non GST your account can be changed to a non gst account which means there is no reference to GST on the Tax Invoice. If you require this please submit a ticket to request your account be changed.

Note that a My Booking Manager account can be either gst or non gst. If you have some projects where gst applies and others that are non-gst, the only solution is to set up a two My Booking Manager accounts, one with gst, the other with no gst. (No setup fee applies for the second account).

Can we set-up a registration accepting partial payments?

Yes. Go to Step 6. Extras, you’ll see the “Partial Payment” item. When you click on “Yes” it’ll show more labels where you can customize the conditions for the payment installments.

How to do Test Registrations & Payments

You can use several methods to make test Registrations & Payments as outlined below.
To test new credit card merchant accounts or new Paypal credit card transactions it is recommended to use options 3 or 5.

  1. Make a booking using Add Registration (Manage Tab) and don’t select the Credit Card  radio button (as for sponsors). 
  2. Enter a valid cc number but use an invalid exp date and ccv number. 
  3. Set up a temporary reg type for an amount of say $0.50. This way you can do a real payment transaction incurring just a minimal charge. This method is recommended when you first set up your merchant account. By making a real payment you can check to see the payment appears  in your merchant account or payment gateway and that the payment appears on your credit card statement (plus you can see how it would appear on your Attendee’s credit card statement. 
  4. Use  test Visa credit card number 4111111111111111  to test registrations. This is a nearly universally recognized test number for a Visa card and will obviously NEVER result in an actual transaction being completed.  Most gateways support this such (for example including  IIRC, Camtech, St.Goerge  and BNZ ). Please note that the cents amount of the transaction may affect the returned response (for example  St.George and BNZ). That is $25.00  would test as approved whereas $25.25 would return an error code of 25 from the processing payment gateway resulting in a declined transaction. This is by design to be able to test various failures. Invoices will be marked as preview/test and will be recorded against the project as a Test mode registration (Project Status: Test Mode).
  5. Add a temporary Discount Code in Setup step 6.  Set the Discount Code to a percentage or fixed amount that would allow you to pay a minimum (eg 50c). This method is also recommended when you first set up your merchant account.This method is a ideal if your event is live as only you will know the code to enter. Once tested you could then delete the discount code.

How to add Logos and Images in text

1. Upload the image 
   Click on the ‘My Account’ link at the top of the page, then on the ‘Upload File’ link in the left menu. Copy the link to get the URL address

2. Click edit for the text you want to add the image.

3. In the required text area click the image icon in the edit control panel  (looks like a mountain)

4. Enter the URL. Also select the size of the image you want to display. Align to left if you want the image on the left and the text to wrap around it.