Can a Landing Page be made to look like our website?

You can load a header graphic to the top of your Landing Page to ensure it emulates the look of your corporate branding. Plus you are able to choose colour schemes and styles for the layout of the page to keep consistency with your other marketing.

We have over 100 Training sessions to promote and am concerned a Landing Page will be too hard for customers to find the event for them?

Grouping your ‘like’ events under Subheads make it easier for people to jump to what is of interest to them fast. Subheads could be the specific type of training course, or perhaps the month of the year – whatever is most logical. MBM’s team can train you how to automatically have your events present under the correct Subhead using Group Tags. Let us work with you to creatively plan your great Landing Page.

Do customers find it easier if I have a Landing Page?

Often yes. Particularly if your run multiple events / functions throughout a year. Customers can bookmark your Landing Page and check it regularly for any new events you have open.

Can customers Cancel their bookings online if necessary?

You have the choice with each booking form to allow or disallow customers the ability to cancel through your booking form. Our portal does not mandate either way. Some of our customers use our system to set a ‘Up-To-Date’ customers are able to cancel online. There are multiple options for you to control cancellations on each individual Booking Form.

Do booking forms have to require payment?

No – many of our clients run free events for their customers, needing MBM to efficiently manage the registration process only.

Does MBM have any suggested Payment Gateways?

Yes – two in particular are standard. MBM has found many clients have benefited from the ease/speed of set-up of an independent Payment Gateway called STRIPE (, plus PayPal is a standard option active in our platform for anyone to use with a ‘Business’ grade PayPal account.

Does MBM collect the money from my clients and then pay me?

No. MBM works with each of our clients to choose a Payment Gateway option that suits them, which is then integrated to their membership, enabling online payments to be made by your clients, direct to you.

Does MBM charge additional fees for online payments?

No. MBM simply helps our clients ensure they have a reliable, trustworthy online payment system that maximises the effectiveness of the Online Booking system we offer.

Some of our events are Private … by personal invitation only. Effectively, we need RSVP forms rather than booking forms. Can this be done?

YES – setting up a booking form does not need to be complex and during set-up, you can set the booking form as a “Keep Private” form to ensure the likes of Google cannot find and index it. In this manner, the private link to your “RSVP” form can be direct emailed to your invitation list, rather than published on a website / social media.

Our venue has a maximum number of seats. Can booking forms be capped?

YES. There are in fact many ways of capping a booking form. Not only the number of attendees (or even types of attendees) … but Merchandise can be capped (eg. If you only have so many ‘stick-pins’ available to sell); or only so many available spots in a Session etc.

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