After Event Survey : “We always appreciate feedback after our events – can MBM help us Survey our attendees?”

YES! Great idea. Show your customers you care about their experience. Step 5 in our Set-up enables you to creatively survey your customers. This step is optional, and can be activated simply by setting a date after your event you would like your survey emailed out to registrants. Customers can have the option to provide open ended responses; or you can set-up your own multiple-choice answers. You can create quite complex surveys if needed to find out all the things your customers loved about your event; as much as any areas they offer improvement feedback.

In-Advance Custom Questions : “We’re providing food at our event for delegates and worried about whether people may have allergies. Can MBM enable us to find out in advance?”

YES! Custom Questions (Step-3 in Set-up) allows you to ask your customer any manner of questions relevant to you. You can offer customers a simple text box to type a reply, or set up Yes/No answer options; for perhaps even a multiple choice list of pre-set options. There is much flexibility.

Sessions : “Our training course has break-out sessions at a particular timeslot. Is there a way using MBM that we can offer our registrants a means to pre-select which speaker they attend?”

YES. In our Set-up section – Step 3 – you have the ability to activate ‘Sessions’ to achieve this. Not only can you set-up a multiple choice offering (such as which of these 3 speakers would you like to attend at 1pm?) … but it can also be used to identify people who might like to attend social functions within your event (such as .. “would you like to attend the Saturday night social dinner?”). Sessions can be free, or a session can have an additional fee added to their registration.

Merchandising : “We’re running a conference, and would like to pre-sell conference merchandise; speakers notes; social dinner – can we do this using MBM?”

Absolutely! A great way to streamline your event and increase cash-flow early is to use our ‘Additional Items’ feature (Step-3 in set-up) to add any number of items your delegates / customers might like to pre-order and purchase. The obvious additional advantage to yourself is being able to prepare these materials in advance for your customers, so that on event day, all is prepared and waiting for your customer’s arrival, without the need to handle money collection on the day.

Donations : “Our Charity Needs to receive online Donations – can we also do this with our MBM membership?”

Absolutely! We in fact have clients that use a special feature in our system that allows them to create ‘donation forms’ 100% for this purpose. Under our ‘Additional Items’ feature during form set-up (Step-3) – a donation field can be activated enabling your customer to identify any amount of money they choose to pledge.