MBM has an extensive amount of great features for my simple needs. Do I have to use them all?

No you don’t. Our platform has certainly grown over the years to assist clients with highly complex needs. But still, a high percentage of our clients do need only simple task booking forms, whereby they simply do not activate the more complex options.

I’m ready to go with my FIRST booking form. Where do I start?

Phone us! This is how we train our new clients. Helping you create your FIRST booking form is the best possible way for us to make your training relevant to you. Easy to remember. And at the end of your training, you’re pretty much ready to send out to your customers your first “Book Now” link!!

How hard is it to set-up booking forms?

Quite Simple. Many of our clients virtually self train themselves due to the ease of use of our platform, and the onscreen ‘tip pop-ups’ explaining features. Regardless, we much prefer start a new client relationship with a full training session to explain creatively how to make best use of all the features relevant to your needs.

I’m sick of using a booking platform more interested in showing it’s own branding than my own. Does MBM do this also?

No. MBM full Business Elite members (94% of our client base) see only a text tag line at the bottom of the page identifying My Booking Manager. Even this can be deleted. However, we note that over 90% of these customers never delete the line (for which we are grateful).

My website carries our own colour scheme and branding. Will an MBM booking form confuse our customers?

No. MBM enables you to customise your own booking forms to carry your own colour scheme and load graphics that look like your website to ensure when your customer clicks on a booking link, they see a seamless transition to a page looking similar to your website.

I have my own website. Does MBM replace the need for my website, or conflict with my website?

MBM offers an enhancement for your website. When you market your ‘event’ on your website, you will simply be able to include a BOOK / REGISTER / BUY NOW link as a call-to-action message.

We don’t have a website. Can we still use My Booking Manager?

YES. My Booking Manager is 100% independent. In fact, we have a number of clients that utilise our LANDING PAGE feature to bypass the need for a website just to promote their events.

What do you see as the primary reasons I should use your online booking system?

  1. Your customers will appreciate this professionally presented and immediate way to book – it’s what most people expect today.
  2. Save time and money – replace your manual system requiring staff to manually talk to customers and enter their details into a spreadsheet … allow your customers to enter their own details when convenient to them – even if that is 3am in the morning!
  3. Increase accuracy. People using online forms generally check their typing as they go, giving you more accurate data. Far better than trying to read hand written booking forms … particularly when you have to decipher email addresses!
  4. People want immediate. If a customer sees your marketing and is inspired to book, let them do it right then while inspired. Strong call-to-action messages (eg. Book Now!) get results. The moment someone says “I’ll fill in that form and post it back later” they’ve probably already forgotten 5 minutes later.
  5. Well planned booking forms ‘pre-survey’ customers about their attendence expectations

Does MBM work with Not-for-Profits / Charities also?

Yes indeed! In fact, over 50% of our clientele draw from these sectors as the word spread about our ability to support them and help them grow. We enjoy helping our NFP’s to build much needed success, cash flow and surpluses from their activities. We offer a discounted fee structure to further support our NFP clients.

When I join, how long does my membership remain active?

Forever. MBM’s initial membership / joining fee is for life. Once a member, always a member.